Who are we?

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A historical French SME


Since 1954, Saint Bernard, French SME belonging to the ZOLUX group, imagines, designs, manufactures and distributes products for all types of pets: Dogs, cats, fish, tame birds, garden birds, rodents. Distributed only in hyper and supermarkets, our product ranges are developed to meet all consumer needs.
A large majority of products are made in France in our group’s factory in Péronne, in particular, consumables, hygiene and care products, as well as food for small pets.
We offer a catalogue with a total of over 600 items.


Creative dynamics

Our products meet a high demand for quality price, genuine usefulness and effectiveness, as well as a strong desire for aesthetics and trendiness, in both colours and materials. Whenever it is possible, we also use an ethical approach to quality and sustainability:

– reduced package sizes, work with recycled paper, vegetal inks
– single material packages
– no use of parabens, silicones, phtalates
– reduced amount of preservatives, nitrogenisation of sacks
– optimisation of our logistics network, reduced carbon imprint
– local supply and manufacture
– toys conform to EC standards

We renew our collections on a regular basis to constantly improve our products.

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A team


It’s a story of men and women who passionately, continuously love their job. Our development is based on trust, respect for one another, concern for customers and the protection of animals.
We are by your side for follow-up and the development of your range, with a team of 8 regional sales executives who are attentive to your needs, with the support of a sales force of 45 delegates who cover all of France.
We also have sales and logistics locations in Italy and in Poland.

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